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Top International Engineering Corporation (TIEC is the foreign name of Shaanxi Construction Engineering Group Corp. LTD.), founded in 1950, owned 9 Top Grade Qualification for General Engineering Construction4 of Top Grade Qualification for General Municipal Public Engineering Construction1 of Top Grade Qualification for Chemical and Petroleum Engineering Construction, 1 of Top Grade Qualification for General Highway Engineering Construction, 14 of Grade A Qualification for Design, and is also a large provincial state-owned group enterprise and one of first batch in Shaanxi province to obtain top-class qualification for general contracting of housing construction, class A qualification for design in construction industry and overseas franchise. TIEC has integrative abilities to undertake various civil construction investment, exploration, design, construction and management, etc. TIEC also possesses business in the fields of international project contracting, construction industry investment, urban track traffic, steel structure installation, Ready-mix concrete production & delivery, engineering decoration, classical architectures and landscaping construction, research & manufacture of boilers, logistics, real estate development, healthcare and education, tourism and hotel management etc.

With solid strength, TIEC ranks No.197 of Top 500 Enterprises of China,   Ranked No.5 of Top 80 of Chinese Contractorsand ranked No. 26 in 250 ENR Global Contractors.

The total professionals and technician personnel of the corporation are nearly 10 thousand, including 139 professorate senior engineers, 1982 senior engineers, 6317 Chartered Constructors and Chartered Associated Constructors. TIEC has great advantage of construction talents resources in western region of China and leading the way among the provincial construction corporations in China.

In recent years, TIEC has implemented hundreds of research projects, receiving 88 national and provincial science and technology awards, 21 Huaxia construction science and technology awards by Ministry of Construction, obtaining 535 national and provincial construction methods and 494 patents, editing and compiling 90 national industry norms. 61 projects have been awarded the Luban prize (the highest prize for architectural quality in Chinese construction field), 62 projects for National Quality Awards, 2 projects for Zhan Tianyou prize (civil engineering award in China), and 19 projects for Gold Award of China’s Construction Engineering Structure.

Following the principal of developing market both in and outside the province, at home and abroad, TIEC has completed a number of key domestic and foreign construction projects. Its domestic market covers 31 provinces, municipalities, autonomous prefectures and its international business has been expanded in 27 countries, forming Six large overseas market centers including Southeast Asia & The Pacific, The Middle East & West Asia, Central and South AsiaWest Africa, Central Africa, South Africa. 5 overseas projects have been awarded the Luban Prize and 3 overseas projects for National Quality Award.

Over the years, TIEC is the member of four associations: the vice presidency membership of China Construction Industry Association, the presidency membership of Shaanxi Association for Promotion of International Economic Cooperation, the vice presidency membership of Shaanxi International Chamber of Commerce and the presidency membership China International Constructors Association. TIEC has been awarded many honors. It was granted as the Advanced Shaanxi Provincial Foreign Economic Cooperation Company, Top 60 National Foreign Economic Cooperation Companies, Top 100 Chinese Enterprises deserving to be recommended to African countries. Meanwhile, TIEC was also awarded Grade-AAA Credit Enterprise by China International Contractors Association.

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